Our Staff

Miami-Dade County


General Phone Number: 305-646-7220

Executive Leadership Team

  • Angelo Parrino, Senior Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer
    Email: aparrino@elcmdm.org, Ext: 248
  • Pamela Hollingsworth, Senior Vice President Strategic Initiatives and Program Development
    Email: phollingsworth@elcmdm.org, Ext: 284
  • Jackye Russell,Chief of Program Policy and Community Relations
    Email: jrussell@elcmdm.org, Ext. 324

Administrative Support Team

  • Tamara Garcia, Assistant to the Senior Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer
    Email: tgarcia@elcmdm.org, Ext:





Contracts Administration


Finance & Accounting




Fiscal Review/Loss Prevention

Human Resources, Staff & Provider Development & Training

  • Trish Turner, Director of Human Resources, Professional Development and Administrative Services
    Email: turner@elcmdm.org, Ext: 260


  • Diana Lane, Coordinator for Media and Communications
    Email: dlane@elcmdm.org, Ext: 250

Quality Assurance & Monitoring






North Service Center

Central Service Center

South Service Center


Screening, Assessment & Inclusion

  • Christine R. Hughes, Ph.D., Director of Research, Evaluation & Assessment
    Email: chughes@elcmdm.org , Ext. 321

Quality Counts

  • Fiorella Altare Christie, Interim Director of Quality Counts
    Email: faltare@elcmdm.org, Ext: 223

Early Head Start



  • Astrid Isom, Education and Quality Coaching Specialist
    Email: aisom@elcmdm.org , Ext.



Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R)


Monroe County

General Phone Number (305) 296-5557

  • Ernestina Morales, Early Learning Specialist- Eligibility / CCR&R
    Email: emorales@elcmdm.org, Ext. 373
  • Laurie Dunn, Early Learning Specialist - Inclusion / Assessment
    Email: ldunn@elcmdm.org, Ext. 372
  • Adriana Velasco, Lead Early Learning Specialist Eligibility / CCR&R
    Email: avelasco@elcmdm.org

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