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Frequently Asked Questions


School Readiness

Q. Who is required to have a provider agreement with the Early Learning Coalition of   Miami-Dade/Monroe?
A. All centers, family child care homes and school age providers who provide School Readiness services for children that are paid with funds from the coalition, must  sign the Coalition’s Early Care and Education Provider Agreement.

Q. Why is a provider agreement required?
A. The Early Care and Education provider agreement is a requirement of the 2007- 2009 State Child Care and Development Fund Plan that provides a portion of the Coalition’s funding for School Readiness services.

Q. When does the provider agreement go into effect?
A. The provider agreement is effective January 1, 2009.

Q. What happens if a provider does not have a signed agreement in effect on   January 1, 2009?
A. Providers who do not have a signed agreement with the Coalition on January 1, 2009, are not considered as approved providers and will not receive payment from the Coalition for any services they provide after that date.

Q. How can parents locate an approved provider?
A. Parents may find an approved provider by calling Child Care Resource and    Referral at 305-373-3521.

Q. How can I obtain the provider agreement application?
A. Providers receive an Early Care and Education provider agreement application with their November and December 2008 reimbursements.   A downloadable copy of the Early Care and Education provider agreement application is available at elcmdm.org.  Providers may also get an application by calling the Coalition main office at 305-646-7220.

Q. What is the new policy for school age children in the School Readiness program?
A. For more information on the new policy please click here.

Q. What are the School Readiness reimbursement rates?
A. Click here for a chart of the the latest rates.

Q. Is the School Readiness reimbursement rate for children with special needs up to 20% over the ELCMDM Infant reimbursement rate or over the Fair Market Rate as established by AWI?
A. Per OEL Program Guidance (OEL-PG-0047-07) Payment-Rate Schedules for the School Readiness Program, the special needs rate shall be negotiated up to 20% above the licensed center infant payment rate, however, the special needs rates may not exceed the private pay rate for licensed center infant care.

Q. How do I get reimbursements for School Readiness and VPK when my school is closed due to a disaster/hurricane?
A. The Policy to obtain the reimbursemes even if wour school is closed due to a disaster or a huricane is outlined here.


Quality Initiatives

Q. Where an I find information on the Quality Initiatives curriculum trainings?
A. you can click here to download the registration or the schedule for the Creative Curriculum Quality Initiatives trainings. The rest of the trainings will be scheduled for the fall.